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First of all, thank you! I only request fandoms for which I would be happy to receive absolutely anything, so the good news is, you can do no wrong and I'm incredibly excited to see what you come up with!

Second, this letter is intended as word-vomit in case you need something to get you started. Obviously you don't need to do all of this, and, hell, you don't even need to do any of this, because as I just mentioned I'll pretty much love whatever you write!

Now, for specific fandoms:

The Middleman: Wendy Watson, The Middleman

Oh, Yule Goat, if you matched on the Middleman you have it easy. The Middleman is the show of my heart. If I could get a cross-stitch reading "WWWWD?", I would frame it and hang it above my bed. I love Wendy, I love the Middleman, I love every single other character too, so if you want to write one of them, go for it! I requested Wendy and the Middleman because I deeply adore their relationship and the foundation of utter respect that it's built on. If you want to do pre-canon backstory for anyone, go for it! If you want to do post-canon continuing adventures, that sounds amazing! If you want to do missing scenes, I will flail and weep with joy! If you really loved Eleanor Draper and want to write nothing but her, knock yourself out! (I also deeply enjoyed Eleanor Draper and wish she had gotten a spinoff series about her doing mad science in Greenland. Well, really I wish the Middleman had gotten the six seasons and a movie that it so richly deserved, BUT STILL.) Have you ever seen that gif of Ted from How I Met Your Mother shouting "I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR?" That is how I feel about the Middleman.

Old Kingdom Trilogy: Lirael, Nicholas Sayre

Okay, yes, I requested these two because I ship it, but they're also among my favorite characters separate from each other. I love Lirael's character arc over Lirael and Abhorsen, how she comes into her own and grows so quietly into such a fierce and noble woman. I love Nick's arc and how it's clearly just beginning, and all the possibilities that come after it. If you want to write shippy stuff, that is delightful because I love those two crazy (awkward) kids. If you want to write gen, I also love gen! I love unconventional character combinations and "the Zeppo" plots where the sidekicks save the day, if that sparks anything, and there is pretty much no character in the series that I find boring. You want to write Nick and Sam bromance? Awesome! Nick and Disreputable Dog bromance? That sounds hilarious! Lirael and Ellimere becoming bffs? Amazing! Nick and any character having to return to Ancelstierre and wacky political hijinks ensue, preferably this time with fewer car bombs? GREAT. (If you want to write car bombs, that's a-okay as well. I'm not judging.)

Sarah Jane Adventures: Clyde Langer

Copying and pasting from the last time I requested this two years ago, because everything I said then still applies:

I love everyone. If I had to pick a favorite character I would probably say Clyde, because I love his mix of vulnerable and tough-guy and the way that his character has developed so much since the beginning of the show. I love that he's smart but still feels like he made mistakes when he was younger; I love that he draws, but still hides it because he cares what other people think of him - but not as much as he used to; I love that he teaches Luke about being cool even though Luke is such the antithesis of cool; I love that he doesn't hesitate to snark at Rani's dad even though he's the principal. (Now I kind of want to see a fic about Clyde and Rajesh.)

But I also love Luke, and his innocence at the beginning of the show and his occasional mischievousness in the more recent canon; his relationships with Sarah Jane and Clyde (yes, I slash it); I love how he can be analytical and clueless but cares so much; and I love that he was created by the Bane to destroy the Earth, and now defends it. I also love Rani and Maria and Sarah Jane and would love any fic about them, but I'm starting to feel like I'm spending too much time talking about how much I love the show. In short, I love alien-of-the-week fic, character development, Clyde/Luke slash or any other relationship (if you like het, go for it!), and fic about the ridiculous teenage antics they get themselves into. Also, just throwing it out there: a fic about Clyde's younger sibling would be Quite Interesting, especially since he's already got so many family issues. (If you write a fic in which they all have typical teenage drama with the backdrop of a Serious Alien Incursion, I would lol forever and love you. <3) So, again: I'm easy.

Eureka: Jo Lupo, Jack Carter

I just listed Jo and Jack because they're my favorites, not because I ship them; the only thing about Eureka that I'm not super-into is Jack/Nathan slash outside of the context of a Jack/Allison/Nathan OT3, which I am all kinds of in favor of. I requested Jo because I freaking love her, how she loves weapons and wanted to be a ballerina and navigates the difficulties of alternate-reality-love-drama and weapons. I requested Jack because Colin Ferguson is way too good a physical actor for me not to enjoy seeing (or visualizing) terrible things happening to him. I love Jack's relationship with Zoe, and Zoe's relationship with Jo for that matter. I love what Eureka says about family not just being your blood relatives or the people you marry, but how you can find brothers and sisters anywhere. I also love what Eureka says about people rising to the challenge, and how if you try really hard, you can find within yourself things that you never thought could be there. And as a recovering physicist, I love what Eureka says about black holes.

So basically, give me warm fuzzies or terrible things happening to Jack Carter and I will be deeply joyful!

Agents of SHIELD: Skye

Unpopular opinion time: I really like Skye. I think she's young and is starting to realize just how young she is - how the world isn't nearly as black-and-white, good-guy-bad-guy as she thought. I find the conflict between what we saw in episode four and what we saw at the very end of episode three to be really, really interesting, and I'd like to know more about how she found herself in that situation. What does she regret? Where did she come from? What selective truths does she let out, and what lies does she tell? How much of what we see is a lie and how much is genuine? Is she a damn good liar, or is she damn good at picking which truths will accomplish the same thing as a very good lie?

Anywhere you want to go with this is awesome. If you want to write a totally crazy backstory for her that only makes sense if you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel universe, knock yourself out! If you want to write Skye and Melinda bonding, that would be amazing! I am generally in favor of ladies and fic that passes the Bechdel test, but if you really want to write Skye and Coulson or Skye and Fitz becoming biffles, by all means! (Skye and Ward seems like it's being pretty well explored in the show so far, but if that's where your muse takes you, then that's where it takes you!)

General likes/dislikes:

To also copy and paste from a few years ago:

As for general likes and dislikes, regardless of fandom, I'm a sucker for a happy ending, and more of a sucker for seeing characters earn their happy endings. I love cliches - amnesia, huddling for warmth, hurt/comfort (emphasis on the comfort), breaking and/or poking the fourth wall, mind control, mistaken identities, time loops, time travel, dreams, five things fic, crack!fic, focusing on unexpected minor characters, and AUs. Oh, how I love AUs. Fusions, improbable professions (every fandom needs an astronomers AU, am I right?), unexpected time periods, the-way-things-almost-were, alternate universe colliding with main continuity in unexpected ways, and so on. I'm also open to OCs, and stories that expand upon the universes created by canon.

Also, I love awesome female characters. Friendships are, to me, more important than shipping, and for the most part I shy away from PWP unless it's also got characterization. I also have a horrible embarrassment squick (I can't even make myself watch The Office), but as long as there's a happy ending, I can generally make it through. Angst is fine so long as it's temporary, or at least resolved.


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