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spherical cows

of negligible mass

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Location:Virginia, United States of America
"If, like Hamlet, you count yourself king of an infinite space, I do not challenge your sovereignty. I only invite attention to certain disquieting rumours which have arisen to the state of Your Magesty's nutshell." - Arthur Stanley Eddington, "Spherical Spaces"

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...with math, aang, adam duritz, analyzing random television, angel, astronomy, avatar: the last airbender, avengers, bad horse, benton fraser, big damn heroes, big damn movie, buffy, calculus, can't stop the signal, captain america, captain malcolm reynolds, captain tightpants, chambao, chuck, colorful euphemisms, counting crows, cross-dressing girls becoming knights, cuba, cubañol, death of rats, deth's devastatingly good looks, doctor horrible, doctor who, donna noble, due south, eureka, fake news, fantasy, firefly, harold saxon, harry potter, havana, hb woodlawn, himym, iron man, irony, jaime reyes, jolly fats weehawken, jonathan coulton, josé martí, joss whedon, juanes, julieta venegas, katara, kaywinnet lee frye, kyon, la habana, life on mars, maikouts, mal reynolds, martha jones, math, meat and sarcasm guy, merlin, middleman, mocking christopher paolini, mythbusters, mythology, nanowrimo, neil gaiman, orishas, ouran koukou host club, parade, pepper potts, physics, princess tutu, psych, pushing daisies, random stuff, random things of rassilon, ray kowalski, reading, river tam, romana, rose tyler, runaways, sarah jane adventures, sarah jane smith, sci-fi, serenity, sheroes central, simon tam, so buttery, sokka, songwriters, spanish, stardust, stargates, supernatural, suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu, tamora pierce, terry pratchett, the bbc, the blue beetle, the brothers winchester, the doctordonna, the new avengers, the night watch, the ninth doctor, toph, torchwood, uva yww, vedado, veronica mars, vote saxon, wall-e, wash, wash/zoe, wendy watson, writing, xkcd, yww, zombies
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