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Dear Yule Goat,

First of all, thank you! I love every fandom that I requested, and rest assured that you can pretty much do no wrong.

Second, I apologize - my style in Dear Yule Goat letters tends towards the word vomit. Feel free to ignore anything I say, or take it and run with it, or do whatever you want! The best stories are the ones authors have fun with. :D

I think this show is pretty much the best of both worlds between the snark and (relative) simplicity of the movie!verse and the excellent plots and dynamics of the comics. I love Tony and Steve, as well as Tony-and-Steve, and would love to see something focused on that, especially in light of the season one finale. I like gen, but I also have a weakness for melodrama, and would not be averse to some ridiculous and over-the-top Steve-dealing-with-being-replaced-by-a-Skrull fallout. (Seriously, as melodramatic as you want. After the season finale, I wandered around for days imagining a scenario in which Tony accidentally entrusted Skrull!Steve with the knowledge of his being dependent on the arc reactor and also possibly them starting up a relationship, with Skrull!Steve taking advantage of both in the inevitable showdown, and then Steve coming back and being all oblivious but angsty because he missed a bunch of time AGAIN and Tony being all angsty because HE THOUGHT STEVE LOVED HIM, and he was BETRAYED, and he'll NEVER TRUST ANYONE AGAIN!!! So, yes, I am all for melodrama. I would also love to read that fic, if that's where the muse takes you.)

However, I also love Jan. So very, very much. I'd like to see more of the keen strategic mind that Jan has in the comics, or an examination of her role in the team. I think Jan gets pretty tied to Hank in the comics, and I'd love to see something break away from that (I am not averse to femmeslash) - something that's not about Hank, or in which he plays a secondary role, would be delightful.

And now's the word-vomit part where I throw out a bunch of random fic ideas in case one of them inspires you. I apologize in advance, and please please PLEASE don't feel like you have to incorporate all of this, because that would be insane.

  • Antarctic!AU, in which the Avengers are either on an Antarctic expedition in the 20th century or modern Antarctic personnel at one of the National Science Foundation stations. It would be hilarious if Steve were part of OPP; it would be more hilarious if he were still Captain America and they found him in the Antarctic ice. I might die of happiness if it was then a plot point that the Antarctic is the wrong side of the world from where he should be.

  • Other science-y AU, or a fic that focuses on Tony's engineering background (I was a physics/astronomy major, it cannot be made too dorky).

  • Misunderstandings that could be easily avoided if the characters just talked about their feelings already!

  • Characters talking about their feelings!

  • Mind control. Possibly Tony, in fine comics tradition.

  • Tony hurt/comfort. I'd love to see the reactions of the rest of the team when/if they find out precisely how vulnerable Tony is.

  • Steve angst, Skrull or otherwise.

  • Steve being a goofball or adorkable.

  • Steve being introduced to the modern world via Angry Birds. ("How are you good at Angry Birds when you still think the internet is an actual net?" "It's all strategy!")

I'm going to copy/paste what I wrote last year, because I simply cannot get enough Middleman and everything I said last year is still true:

If you got matched on me for The Middleman, my friend, you have it easy. The Middleman is my One True Show, the fandom of my heart. There is not a single character I don't love, a single episode I don't adore, a single quirky use of an old plot that doesn't make me smile. My favorite character is probably Wendy Watson, with her lovely snark and kickassery, but the Middleman's aw-shucks all-around-great-guyness never fails to make me go d'aww! But I also love Ida, and Lacey, and Noser and Tyler and Pip and Joe 90 and pretty much everyone. Really, you can do no wrong.

For some ideas, any of the following would make me die of happiness: Wendy and the Middleman going on a mission to recover the not-actually-dead Camilo Cienfuegos from Havana, where he's stumbling around and breaking his cover; Lacey and Noser having to solve a case by themselves without ever realizing what they're doing; Ida snarking; Tyler being awesome; any cliche turned on its head in that uniquely Middleman fashion; Ida snarking; a fic post-Middleman's retirement in which Wendy is now the Middleman and has to deal with that; the return of Sensei Ping; "My plan is sheer elegance in its simplicity"; how the Middleman became the Middleman (complete with optional spoilers from the Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse); Eleanor Draper trying once again to take over the world from Greenland; Ida snarking; or pretty much anything else you can think of. Seriously. I love everything about this fandom. I only moderately don't ship Wendy/Middleman and I'll read it anyway because I love this fandom so much. So while I prefer no porn or serious angst, anything that has moderately the same whimsy and joy of the show and a happy ending, no matter how sad it is before the happy ending, I really don't care and I will love it.

Also, the entire canon is only thirteen episodes and a ComicCon readthrough if you're interested in getting into a wacky, crazy, awesome show.

I'm not going to lie, Yule Goat, I wasn't planning on requesting Provost's Dog until Mastiff came out, and even then I wasn't planning on requesting it until I saw it and I couldn't help myself.

I love Beka, and I love Farmer, and I love Beka/Farmer. A lot. So much that when Tunstall was revealed as the traitor, I did a happy dance because it wasn't Farmer, even though I had previously enjoyed Tunstall immensely. I love Farmer's obfuscating stupidity, and his willingness to do the dirty work that most mages won't, and his kindness; I love Beka's...everything, really, and I love the unconventionalness of the romance in that they didn't spend any time staring lovingly into each other's eyes, but it just happened and that was that.

I pretty much love Beka and Farmer interacting, period, with any character you'd like (although I love Sabine a lot too!). So if you want to write fluff, please write fluff; if you want to write their first fight, with lots of angst and tumult and a happy ending, please write that; if you want to write the gritty realities of two cops in love, please write that too, and while I'm okay with a bittersweet ending, I would prefer a happy ending to an all-out depressing one.

I would love to see a fic about Myka, especially one about the way she transformed from the uptight, controlling Secret Service agent of the pilot to the joking-yet-scary-competent Warehouse Agent that she is now. (My headcanon is that she was a nerd growing up, and the carefree Myka was always there, but the more resistance she faced, both social and eventually professional, made her have to be twenty times more professional and neurotic than she had to be; and the Warehouse is one of the few places where people really accept her for who she is and where she feels at home enough to let the joking, big-sister-ly side out. But I would love to see other interpretations, too!)

That said, I would also like to see season-three finale fic, either fixit or otherwise. I'm more than okay with it using the watch, and I love well-thought-through time-travel fic. I also love Jinks and HG. Do with this knowledge what you will, O Yuletide Writer.

That said, I'm, again, easy. I love casefic, domestic fic, day-in-the-life fic. I'd love to see a fic where an artifact artificially relaxes Myka even more, and everyone freaks out because of how weird it is for Myka to be 100% go-with-the-flow. (If this is a reference you get, I'm thinking of the trampoline in Community; I think that'd be hilarious.) There is very little that I won't read for Warehouse 13, and I don't say no to either Myka/Pete or Myka/HG.