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First of all, thank you so much! I have the utmost confidence that whatever you write, I will love, and I hope you have a great time writing it!

Please note that my approach to Dear Yule Goat letters is to throw out LOTS AND LOTS of details and possibilities and prompts and randomness on the offchance that something gets your creative juices flowing, so if you already have an idea or don't want to be overwhelmed, you should feel free to ignore anything or everything in this letter. Which, um, is pretty long.

The Middleman - If you got matched on me for The Middleman, my friend, you have it easy. The Middleman is my One True Show, the fandom of my heart. There is not a single character I don't love, a single episode I don't adore, a single quirky use of an old plot that doesn't make me smile. My favorite character is probably Wendy Watson, with her lovely snark and kickassery, but the Middleman's aw-shucks all-around-great-guyness never fails to make me go d'aww! But I also love Ida, and Lacey, and Noser and Tyler and Pip and Joe 90 and pretty much everyone. Really, you can do no wrong.

For some ideas, any of the following would make me die of happiness: Wendy and the Middleman going on a mission to recover the not-actually-dead Camilo Cienfuegos from Havana, where he's stumbling around and breaking his cover; Lacey and Noser having to solve a case by themselves without ever realizing what they're doing; Ida snarking; Tyler being awesome; any cliche turned on its head in that uniquely Middleman fashion; Ida snarking; a fic post-Middleman's retirement in which Wendy is now the Middleman and has to deal with that; the return of Sensei Ping; "My plan is sheer elegance in its simplicity"; how the Middleman became the Middleman (complete with optional spoilers from the Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse); Eleanor Draper trying once again to take over the world from Greenland; Ida snarking; or pretty much anything else you can think of. Seriously. I love everything about this fandom. I only moderately don't ship Wendy/Middleman and I'll read it anyway because I love this fandom so much. So while I prefer no porn or serious angst, anything that has moderately the same whimsy and joy of the show and a happy ending, no matter how sad it is before the happy ending, I really don't care and I will love it.

Also, the entire canon is only thirteen episodes and a ComicCon readthrough if you're interested in getting into a wacky, crazy, awesome show.

Warehouse 13 - Oh man, I love this show, too. While I love the goofiness, I also like the more serious stuff, and the examinations of how the job is pretty dangerous. I would love to see more fic about Myka, either in the context of shipping or not, just because there doesn't seem to be much out there and she's a badass fencer. (Anything with Myka fencing is automatically A+.) But at the same time, I love the dichotomy between Pete's goofy exterior and how he can, when the situation calls for it, be serious. Same with Artie's warm, gooey center, and Claudia's...well. Everything.

Mostly, what I love about the show is how much everyone cares for each other. I'm caught up with canon, so I'm totally cool with seeing something about how the season two finale impacts the characters, but I also love gen case-fic with intriguing Artifacts. (I am also a science nerd, so if you find some way to work that in, that would be awesome. Also, a lot of scientists were cray-cray and I find that hysterical. If the Artifact is Tycho Brahe's golden false nose? I will love you forever. Fermat's Last Theorem jokes also welcome.) But again, I requested this fandom because I love pretty much all of it. I'm happy to read almost any ship, although I prefer gen (and I tend to avoid Claudia/Artie shipping due to the age difference, even though I love them platonically), and really, anything that's true to the characters would be perfect. (I'm also open to Myka/H.G. if that's you're cup of tea.)

The Sarah Jane Adventures - This is starting to sound repetitive, but...I love everyone. If I had to pick a favorite character I would probably say Clyde, because I love his mix of vulnerable and tough-guy and the way that his character has developed so much since the beginning of the show. I love that he's smart but still feel like he made mistakes when he was younger; I love that he draws, but still hides it because he cares what other people think of him - but not as much as he used to; I love that he teaches Luke about being cool even though Luke is such the antithesis of cool; I love that he doesn't hesitate to snark at Rani's dad even though he's the principal. (Now I kind of want to see a fic about Clyde and Rajesh.)

But I also love Luke, and his innocence at the beginning of the show and his occasional mischievousness in the more recent canon; his relationships with Sarah Jane and Clyde (yes, I slash it); I love how he can be analytical and clueless but cares so much; and I love that he was created by the Bane to destroy the Earth, and now defends it. I also love Rani and Maria and Sarah Jane and would love any fic about them, but I'm starting to feel like I'm spending too much time talking about how much I love the show. In short, I love alien-of-the-week fic, character development, Clyde/Luke slash or any other relationship (if you like het, go for it!), and fic about the ridiculous teenage antics they get themselves into. Also, just throwing it out there: a fic about Clyde's younger sibling (established in Mark of the Berserker, not that I have an encyclopedic knowledge of canon or anything) would be Quite Interesting, especially since he's already got so many family issues. (If you write a fic in which they all have typical teenage drama with the backdrop of a Serious Alien Incursion, I would lol forever and love you. <3) So, again: I'm easy.

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers - I love the Avengers, but 616 has kind of turned into an angsty pit of angst. Which makes Marvel Adventures: The Avengers perfect for me! Steve and Tony are my two favorites, and slashing them is absolutely acceptable. However, I also have a deep and abiding love for Janet Van Dyne and I love Peter's snark. What drew me to Marvel Adventures: Avengers and seduced me away from 616 is the joy and camaraderie that's been missing in 616; any fic that includes that will be A-OK.

If you need some ideas, though, any of the following would do: Jan and Pete spearheading Operation Get Steve And Tony Together, casefics, riffs on 616-events or cameos of 616 characters (Jessica Joooooones); MA:A does Civil War, in which Steve and Tony have several Serious Conversations over basketball practice and hamburgers before eventually coming to a mutually agreeable compromise like the adults they are; incredibly contrived excuses to pit the MA:A characters against each other, with inevitable warm-and-fuzzy resolution; Janet Van Dyne being awesome; or, and I completely understand that this is crazypants, a Star Trek fusion in which Steve is captain of the Federation Starship Avenger and Tony is his half-Vulcan Science Officer (or Engineer) who refuses to admit how illogical he is. (Like I said: crazypants, but hey, if you want to try it, go for it.)

General likes/dislikes:

As for general likes and dislikes, regardless of fandom, I'm a sucker for a happy ending, and more of a sucker for seeing characters earn their happy endings. I love cliches - amnesia, huddling for warmth, hurt/comfort (emphasis on the comfort), breaking and/or poking the fourth wall, mind control (I'm looking at you, Tony Stark!), mistaken identities, time loops, time travel, dreams, five things fic, crack!fic, focusing on unexpected minor characters, and AUs. Oh, how I love AUs. Fusions, improbable professions (every fandom needs an astronomers AU, am I right?), unexpected time periods, the-way-things-almost-were, alternate universe colliding with main continuity in unexpected ways, and so on. I'm also open to OCs, and stories that expand upon the universes created by canon.

Also, I love awesome female characters. Friendships are, to me, more important than shipping, and for the most part I shy away from PWP unless it's also got characterization. I also have a horrible embarrassment squick (I can't even make myself watch The Office), but as long as there's a happy ending, I can generally make it through. Angst is fine so long as it's temporary, or at least resolved.

But really, anything you care to write will be amazing, and I am just thrilled to see more fic for one of these fandoms in the world. ♥ Again, feel free to ignore anything here that you think is stifling your muse or counterproductive, and write what you want to write! Happy Yuletide!
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